GreenGoods Bathtub Technical Data

GreenGoods Bath Factory Warranty

GreenGoods Bath Factory Warranty

The Guarantee Certificate issued by Xuancheng GreenGoods Enterprise guarantees the quality of all bath products include acrylic bathtubs, soft tubs and shower trays in the established legal term during a period of 10 years for residential and 5 years for commercial starting at delivery date.

Damaged articles:

The historical level of this problems is very low, thanks to the excellent service of the freight companies we work with.

Even so:

Check very carefully the given merchandise.

Any anomaly, flaw or breakage by an incorrect manipulation must be forward us as soon as possible, in the form of transportation problems This simple instructions allow us to make the corresponding complaint for this incidences to the freight company and resend you the necessary accessories or whole product in the next orders.

We request you that a term of 96h from the receipt of order, any effect is communicated to us, by means of e-mail or fax. It performs importance to be able to have photos for your evaluation and later claim to the companies of transport.

Defective articles:

Our products have been put under the most rigorous quality controls before leaving the factory. However, if some problem arise, please report it immediately to our Export Department before the 7 days of the reception of your products:




In this case, Xuancheng GreenGoods Enterprise Co., Ltd will give you a satisfied reply as soon as possible.