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Antique bathtub is an old fashioned Victorian tub which is originated from Western Europe, antique bathtub is well known of its characters of stable and elegant, durable and easy maintenenace.

A prominent feature of the antique bathtub is its bathtub leg, or named as clawfoot, which can be produced by iron or copper, both their apperance and load-bearing performance are almost the same, the main difference is that long-term usage of iron bathtub legs may gradually appear rust of its coatings, however, copper bathtub legs are still timeless new.

Antique bathtub is an everlasting center fixture to any bathroom. Its luxurious charming, practicality and modern performance, allowing any antique bathtub to turn a bathroom into a perfect oasis. It is the reason that the antique bathtub is always the popular choice of bathroom decorations for residents from Europe and America.

Antique bathtub usually comes in a variety of styles and dimensions. There are three kinds of materials to produce antique bathtubs: they are heavy duty cast iron, light weight but bright acrylic or stylish copper. No matter what kind of materials, there consist of five kinds of antique bathtub styles: classic bathtub, double ended bathtub, slipper bathtub, double slipper bathtub and pedestal bathtub. The following photos can define each bathtub character very clearly.

antique bathtub

1. Antique Bathtub - Classic bathtub

antique bathtub

2. Antique Bathtub - Double ended bathtub

antique bathtub

3. Antique Bathtub - Slipper bathtub

antique bathtub

4. Antique Bathtub - Double slipper bathtub

antique bathtub

5. Antique Bathtub - Pedestal bathtub