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Clawfoot Tub Dimensions

Clawfoot Tub Dimensions

A clawfoot bathtub is often elevated from the ground and supporting the tub with claw shaped feet which can be made by different materials such as acrylic or metal chromed. Clawfoot tubs are worth buying because they add romance and values to bathrooms. The most common and familiar clawfoot tub is the classic roll top bath which were made by the millions between 1890 and 1940.

clawfoot tub dimensions

Clawfoot tubs come in a wide range of dimensions. Classic clawfoot tubs are available in lengths as short as 4 feet, which makes them perfect choice for installation where space is compact. Generally, clawfoot tub dimensions increases in steps of 6 inches. The most standard clawfoot tub dimensions are 54", 60", 66" & 72", you can however find GreenGoods bath factory offers additional clawfoot tub sizes.

In order to choose the best clawfoot bathtub for your home, it has to give water depth much thought to where the water conservation is an important issue. The water depth usually varies from tub to tub and typically ranges from 13 to 16 inches. If you have gorgeous big bathroom, you could choose a wide clawfoot bathtub which allows for comfort and roomy bathing area, but don't forget that the longest, deepest and widest clawfoot bathtubs will require more water to fill them completely.

clawfoot tub sizes