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Bathtub Apron

Bathtub apron is a decorated access panel of an apron bathtub; it is designed to cover the exposed side of a drop in bathtub. Tub apron comes in a wide variety of designs, patterns as well as many different colors to match the installed bathtub. You could make your bathroom look complete and tidy with a tub apron.

bathtub apron

The non-removable bathtub apron facilitates easy, coordinated installation of GreenGoods whirlpools and baths. Crafted of high-quality acrylic for durability and luster, the tub apron is available in a wide array of colors to complement any decor. The removable bathtub apron offers front pump access for easy servicing and could be used with GreenGoods bathtubs and whirlpools.

tub apron

The GreenGoods removable and non-removable tub or whirlpool apron panel is compatible with any series of tubs and whirlpools from GreenGoods bath factory. The white color tub panel is designed to enhance the appearance of your tub or whirlpool. Other colors are also available, such as biscuit, sand bar, ice grey, almond, and Mexican sand etc.