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Corner Baths for Small Bathrooms | Corner Tub Ideas

Corner Baths for Small Bathrooms

Most people are willing to buy a house with regular pattern and rational layout. However, we cannot be satisfied all the times. If you just have a small bathroom with irregular shape, you don't need to be upset. Bathtub manufacturers had already considered about this, GreenGoods Bath Factory produces a lot of different kinds of corner bathtubs for you to select.

As its name suggests, corner bathtub is usually installed on the corner space which could best usage of the corner part for a small and irregular shape bathroom. Corner bathtub includes a large range of bathtubs: by shape, there are triangular corner bathtub, square corner bathtub, rectangular corner bathtub, diamond corner bathtub, hearted shape corner bathtub etc; by installation style, there are drop in corner bathtub and skirted corner bathtub; by bather number, there are single corner bathtub and two person corner bathtub; by experiences, there are simple corner bathtub and corner whirlpool bathtub. No matter what kind of corner bathtubs, they all share the following four benefits:

1. Saving space

The corner bathtub which is installed on the corner are good space saver, this is the main reason why corner bathtubs are very popular among people who live in small homes with narrow or irregular bathrooms. A corner bathtub can help you use the normally useless space in the corner of the bathroom, as a result, you can use the remaining space for your other bathroom fixtures and vanities. The corner tub only occupies the useless corner and saves many spaces for the bathroom.

2. Shifting the focus

Standard bathtub is always the focal point of a bathroom, but it's totally different if a corner bathtub is installed there. Corner bathtub is very unobtrusive of the complete bathroom design, in another word, you could use another bathroom fixture as the center of your bathroom, for example, a modern wall hung bathroom vanity with curved lines and pretty knobs, or a egg shaped toilet with slow closing cover.If the bathroom is very small and you don't want to have a focus point, a corner bathtub can help you to achieve the goal.

3. Easily installation

A corner bathtub is relatively easy to install because there is already a specified corner area for the bathtub. Your bathroom design would be very simple since you don't need to measure the length and width, you don't need to ensure that the tub should be in the middle of the bathroom, or in the location you only want to put. You will find that you don't need to take a lot of time to install physically because in most cases, there are two sides have already be supported by walls. If you purchase a corner bathtub with skirt or apron which can make your bathroom warm and gentle. If you purchase a drop in corner bathtub, you only need to build one side platform.

4. Abundant of choice

Selecting a corner bathtub for bathroom is more and more popular, even a bi bathroom owner prefers a corner bathtub in order to make use of the corner and window in order to install more bathroom fixtures to make the life easy and ease. The irregular corner bathtub occupies more ground space than ordinary bathtub, but it reduced the bathtub length restriction, especially the apron curve make the bathtub internal area bigger, so that the bather could soak into the bathtub. Corner bathtub becomes incredibly favorable over the last few years and the big and famous bathtub manufacturers also offer corner bathtubs to the market. According to your preferences, you could choose drop in corner bathtub and decide the platform patterns by yourself, you could choose diamond shaped corner bathtub to attract the eyes. All the choices depends on your mood and character.

5. Corner tub ideas

A good corner bathtub which just matches with your bathroom context and your decoration style can help you express your special personality very well. A decent corner bathtub aparts the narrow bathroom by golden ratio, it can not only change the cramped and narrow room into harmony and unity space, but also enable you to enjoy noble, elegant and happy bathing time. In conclusion, a rightly selected corner bathtub could perfectly show the charming of a small bathroom completely.

Corner Baths for Small Bathrooms

Corner Baths for Small Bathrooms