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Skirted Bathtub

Skirted Bathtub

Skirted bathtub is a very popular bathtub among the consumer market.Skirted bathtub is cheaper than freestanding bathtub or clawfoot bathtub, it makes the installation very easier, and different patterns of skirts bring different taste and atmosphere to the whole bathroom.

Bathtub Skirt Definition:

Skirt literally means a garment hanging from the waist, worn mainly by girls and women.From this way, you would be very easy to understand bathtub skirt.

1.Bathtub skirt is a protective skirt around the base of the bathtub,

2.Bathtub skirt is a part or attachment serving as a rim, border or edging,

3.Bathtub skirt is an upward or downward vertical extension of a bathtub.

Skirted Bathtub Functions:

The bathtub skirt has two important functions:

firstly, the bathtub skirt covers the bathtub bottom and all the pipes to make the bathtub look better;

secondly, bathtub skirt support the weight of a bathtub well.

While you purchase a bathtub for your bathroom, you would be bewilderment by the abundant of choices.Maybe you even don't know which one is best for your bathroom, sometimes the skirt is on the left, sometimes the skirt is on the right. Sometimes, there are two skirts on both sides. Let me show you what is left skirted bathtub and right skirted bathtub.

Left skirted bathtub: the skirt is on the left side of the bathtub, while you lie on the bathtub normally, the left bathtub skirt must be on your left hand.

Right skirted bathtub: the skirt is on the right side of the bathtub, while you lie on the bathtub normally, the right bathtub skirt must be on your right hand.

Whether right skirt bathtub or left skirt bathtub is suitable for your bathroom, it's mainly depends on the position of the floor drain.If the floor drain is on your left, then left skirt bathtub is right for you, and vice versa.

For bathtub without skirt such as drop in bathtub, we need to build a complete stage to set the bathtub;while for skirted bathtub, it is much easier on installation, put the bathtub against the wall, build a stage just for back and side support is enough.

All in all, a bathtub skirt can simplify the installation and give a finished elegant appearance to the entire bathroom.

skirted bathtub

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