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Bathtub Price & Cost

Bathtub Price & Cost

Bathtub is a basic bathroom equipment of modern homes. The fashion bathtubs are usually produced by acrylic sheet, fiberglass, cast iron, or wood. Because of the favorable characteristics of acrylic sheet, acrylic bathtub ranks the most popular bathtub in the market.

Acrylic sheet has many features, such as good color effects, excellent weather resistance, high hardness, high gloss and good processability, therefore, acrylic sheet is widely used for home wares and sanitary wares.

Acrylic bathtub is adored by majority of people because it is not only healthy for bathing, but also produces harmless gas while burning. The same as the features of acrylic sheet, acrylic bathtub has the features of excellent weathering resistance, anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-aging. Acrylic bathtub has a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes for choice. Acrylic bathtub fully embodies green living and environment friendly of the new century.

With so many benefits, bathtub price and bathtub cost is still not expensive. The price of acrylic bathtub can vary from drop in bathtub, soaking bathtub to freestanding bathtub, clawfoot bathtub, soft bathtub, but in one type, for example, freestanding bathtub, the cost is big difference among all factories at least 50 us dollars.

There are three points to decide the bathtub price and bathtub cost.

1) Raw materials

The raw materials of acrylic bathtub include acrylic sheet, resin and fiberglass. Acrylic sheet has different prices of different grades and thickness; resin price varies a lot by its purity, some factories mix more composition into the resin in order to save cost. The layers of fiberglass affect the prices too. As usual, three layers of resin and fiberglass reinforcement is a must to ensure the hardness of bathtub.

2) Type

There are many types of acrylic bathtub, such as soaking bathtub, drop in bathtub, skirted bathtub. These three kinds of bathtubs are very cheap of their simply and no decoration at all. Both freestanding bathtub and clawfoot bathtub are the biggest selling because of their modern design and no installation at all. They are a bit expensive than the previous bathtubs because of the different producing technology. Measure your bathroom, decide a best size bathtub, put them in the bathroom, connect the drain and bathtub faucet, you can take a good bath and showering at once. Whirlpool bathtub and massage bathtub are the most expensive ones because they should be installed many accessories, such as pump, nozzles, light, radio etc.

3) Quality

Price is one of most important issues in deciding to install acrylic bathtub, but not the only issue. Quality is even important than price because good acrylic bathtub can save you time and money in maintenance. We have seen many customers buying cheaper bathtub, but later on, spending more money to repair, refinish or replace it.

In China, we have a saying - "if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys". Please take more comparisons in pricing and quality before you make the order. GreenGoods will be one of your good choice in buying acrylic bathtub from China because GreenGoods takes care of very well for their reputation in bathtub business, they are afraid of destroying the brand. GreenGoods sells bathtub with very reasonable price with the full guarantee of quality, never leaving the customers behind.

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