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Bathtub Styles

Bathtub Styles

Relative to shower, soak in the bathtub of warm water could effectively relieve tension and fatigue, it is a good treatment for bad cold in the chilly winter.Bathtub can be found anywhere, and you may find there are a wide variety of styles to browse.Different materials, different functions, different shapes, how to divide bathtub correctly?here we clear up the overall bathtub classification for you.


Divide by style, bathtub has two kinds, they are bathtub without skirt and bathtub with skirt, which is also called alcove bathtub, apron bathtub or skirted bathtub.Alcove bathtub is enclosed on three sides, generally by walls and are only exposed on the front side.Sometimes requiring a separate apron.From design standpoint, alcove bathtubs are plain and simple and typically the least decorative bathtub.

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Divide by shape, bathtub has at least five kinds, they are rectangle bathtub, heart bathtub, round bathtub, oval bathtub, of course, there are some other irregular shape bathtubs which is only designed for luxury clients.Please check our another blog, named How to choose the right bathtub size?


Divide by bathing experiences, bathtub has three kinds, they are ordinary bathtub, soaking bathtub and massage bathtub.Ordinary bathtub is the bathtub with standard size;soaking bathtub can be the same length and width as ordinary bathtub, the only difference is soaking bathtub is much deeper than ordinary bathtub.Massage bathtub as the name suggest, it is the bathtub with massage or whirlpool function which could relive the body by smoothing water flow.

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Divide by materials, this is the most popular classification, bathtub has at least eight kinds, they are cast iron bathtub, acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, stone bathtub, brass bathtub, stainless steel bathtub, wooden bathtub, ceramic bathtub etc.In most cases, acrylic bathtub is a popular choice, that is because acrylic bathtub is more practical since it offers better protection against heat loss and is generally warmer to the touch.The advantages and disadvantage of the aforementioned bathtubs could refer to our another blog named The Selection and Maintenance of Different Kinds of Bathtubs?


Divide by installation, bathtub has six kinds, they are drop in bathtub, alcove bathtub, corner bathtub, clawfoot bathtub, free standing bathtub, walk in bathtub.Drop in bathtub is excellent for sitting and soaking.It is bathtub with skirt, apron or outside on it.Just as their name describes, drop in bathtub is designed to be to be dropped into an existing frame, either into a platform or into the floor.Corner bathtub is the best way to make use of limited space of bathroom, so it is the perfect choice for the modern small bathrooms.A corner bathtub takes up less wall space than a regular bathtub, therefore, vanities, wall shelves could be added with the additional spaces.Clawfoot bathtub brings an antique look to the modern bathroom, it is simple and is complimented well with floor-mounted"telephone"faucets.The first bath tub ever created by human being was a freestanding type.Revered by many for their old fashioned look, freestanding bathtub brings an antique look to the modern bathroom as clawfoot tubs.Walk in bathtub with various functions is totally suitable for elderly.The seniors could step into the bathtub without crossing the bathtub skirt, it is built-in handrails and anti-slip dots, all these functionality can protect the elderly very well.

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Among the above wide range styles with detail descriptions and clear photos, I am sure you know bathtubs much better and could find the best one for your residential and commercial projects.