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Bathtub Maintenance & Care

Bathtub Maintenance & Care

The weight of acrylic bathtub is light, no rusting, no eroding; feeling warm, acrylic bathtub could keep the water temperature for long time, and easily clean. The virtues of acrylic bathtub make it the mainstream product on the world market currently. Acrylic bathtubs can have many shapes and the prices are affordable, while the surface hardness is lower than cast iron bathtubs and steel bathtubs, the surface would be scratched easily without carefully usage. GreenGoods factory produces bath tubs only accepts high brightness, high strength acrylic sheets, it overcomes this shortcoming to some extent. If you maintain the bathtub properly after having a bath, it not only can extend the bathtub life, but also can keep the appearance brightly.

Here are 8 proper maintenance tips.

1. We recommend you clean the acrylic bathtub immediately after shower, the water just flows away and the bathtub is not dry, at this time, it’s easy to remove the soap, body fat and dirt from tub, otherwise, they will be integrated in the tub wall and difficult to clean. In addition, it is better to clean the acrylic bathtub every week, make sure keeping the bathtub dry with a soft cloth after using. If permits, please avoid direct sunshine, especially hot cigarette butts, they will leave burn scars to your lovely bathtubs.

2. It’s better to use mild liquid detergent and soft cloth or sponge to clean the acrylic bathtub. The detergent could be dish detergent. If the stains are difficult to remove by cleaning agents, industrial alcohol could wipe them easily. Under the hot and humid conditions for long time, the bathtubs will breed many bacteria. Although the surface usually looks clean after completely wiping, in fact, there are still many bacteria exist. We recommend you clean the bathtub regularly and do not use disinfectant randomly, as disinfectant may not be able to kill leaf mold and fungi entirely.

3. Although acrylic bathtubs can withstand the erosion of commonly used household chemicals, they still should avoid meeting paint, varnish removal agents such as chloroform and acetone and other strong organic solvent exposure. If they touch the surface, the bathtub may lead to softening, melting or cracking. Never use cleaning products with abrasive, and acid or alkaline cleaning products. Handle the acrylic bathtub stains gently, discarded soft toothbrush dips water with bleaching powder, it can not only remove the stains, but also eliminate the mold on the bathtub. For deep stains, half a lemon dips in salt can remove easily, or use soft toothbrush dip with whitening toothpaste and turpentine can remove these kind of deep stains too.

bathtub maintenance & care

Bathtub Maintenance & Care

4. Avoid using dark-colored cleaning agents, which pigment can be easily penetrated into the bathtub, especially you have colorful bathtub at home. Don’t forget to switch off the faucet after shower, the regular dripping will cause water left in the bathtub which gives the warm bed for bacteria. Do not leave metal objects in the bath tub, they will rust and stain the acrylic bathtub surface.

5. GreenGoods’ high-quality acrylic bathtubs are always with special surface treatments, their wear resistance is better than the average acrylic bathtubs. If the bathtub surface is scratched accidentally, just brush gently by toothpaste and toothbrush for lighter scratch, while for deeper scratch, we recommend you get advice from professional maintenance and repairing staff, and ask them repair at once if necessary. Do not move the bath tub after installed, if you have to move the location, you must contact with a professional technician. Do not beat or hit acrylic bathtubs, it results in bumps or scratches. Bathtubs with lacking brightness part or some scratches waiting for repair, wipe heavily by a clean cloth mixed with colorless liquor and then coated with a layer of colorless protective wax. Do not wax the anti-slip spots to prevent dangerous.

6. For hardware parts, such as faucets and mixers, please clean the remained shampoo and lotion immediately, if they remain in the chrome surface for long time, they will degrade the surface gloss and directly affect the hardware quality. You’d better clean the faucets and mixers by neutral detergent every 3 to 5 days. For existing small scratches, grind the surface by towel with wax or toothpaste until the scratches disappear, then clean and dry them by soft cloth.

7. Deal with pipeline blockage at any moment and disinfect, clean the pipe at least once a week. It can remove the bad smell and prevent the growth of bacteria. You can use special cleaning sewer products, fill them into the sewer, keep five minutes, and then clean at once. If the acrylic bathtub is jammed, close the water valve, put some water into the bathtub, place the rubber sucker on the valve, choke up the overflow, at the same time, turn on the valve, and then suck up and down quickly, the dirt and hair will be sucked out, clear them away promptly after that. If the bathtub is blocked seriously, please repeat the above steps several times until clearing.

8. When having a shower, the water temperature in the bathtub should not exceed 80℃, please fill in cold water firstly, then add hot water; this way could extend the bathtub life. Fill in hot water into the bathtub directly is prohibited. Acrylic products begin to soften if the temperature reaches 100 degrees; it avoids storing the bathtubs at high temperature above 80 degrees too.

The acrylic bathtub that reduces our stress and add luster to our life, we naturally need to care and love it without doubt.