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Bathtub Dimensions & Sizes

Bathtub Dimensions & Sizes

A well sized and well shaped bathtub can easily become the highlight of your bathroom.Before purchasing a bathtub, you’d better measure the size of bathroom and the available bathtub installation area firstly. As a matter of fact, you should put a little more effort to consider bathtub dimension as well as design of the tub to meet your specific needs and taste. There are both practical and spatial considerations to make when choosing the right bathtub dimension. You could choose 1400mm or 1500mm bathtubs for small bathtub, 1600mm or 1700mm for big bathroom, if you own a bigger bathroom, you could consider selecting massage bathtub, double person bathtub or hot tub. It should be noted that corner bathtub seems small, but it occupies more space than rectangular bathtub. In general, the length of bathtub is from 1000mm to 1800mm, the width is from 500mm to 1200mm.While length of less than 1500mm is a special size bathtub which is more suitable for elderly and children.

Deciding the bathtub size is the primary thing before we choose a right bathtub from a great variety of bathtubs. Because bathtub measurements directly relate to our installation and usage, we should learn the following very carefully. On the world market, we could see different shapes of bathtubs, such as: heart bathtub, round bathtub, oval bathtub, rectangular bathtub and triangular bathtub etc. Different shapes share different functions, and their dimensions vary greatly. Even the same shape, the measurements are not necessarily the same. Bathtub dimensions come in several different specifications giving you plenty of options to pick the right size for your bathroom or your reserved space. How to choose the right size for your bathtub? Let me show you one by one.

1. How to choose the size of a rectangular bathtub?

a. The length of basic rectangular tub with these sizes: 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm, 1800mm, the most popular length is 1700mm, the majority of people's average height.

b. The width of the rectangular bath tub is 700mm, 750mm, 800mm, 850mm, 900mm, the double person tub’s width can be 1200mm, of course, the most popular single person bathtub is 800mm.

c. The depth of rectangular bathtub is 350mm to 700mm, 400mm depth bathtub is the most common one.

2. How to choose the size of an oval bathtub?

The size of oval shaped bathtub is almost the same as rectangular bathtub. There is a kind of bathtub which length is less than 1400mm, the height is taller than standard bathtub, it’s usually made of wood, and the name is called wooden tub.

bathtub dimensions & sizes

Oval Bathtub - Acrylic Bathtub Dimensions and Sizes

3. How to choose the dimension of a heart shaped bathtub?

Most of the heart-shaped bathtubs are put on the corner, although they occupy relatively large space, some of the bathrooms design reserved angles, they could just be used for bathtubs, moreover, the heart shaped bathtub is very cute and always win the ladies hearts. For most of the heart-shaped bathtubs, their both sides are 1500mm long, while others are not necessarily the same on the both sides, you should measure the size of your bathroom before purchase a certain heart-shaped bathtub.

4. How to choose the dimension of a round bathtub?

Round bathtubs are usually very large, their diameter is mostly about 1500mm to 1800mm, they usually need a large amount of water, and occupy very large area; they are very popular in villas.Triangular bathtub and some irregular shape bathtubs are not common for families; they are purchased to star hotels to enhance their superior services.

bathtub dimensions & sizes

Round Bathtub - Acrylic Bathtub Dimensions and Sizes

The size of bathtub effects on the overall layout of bathroom, picking out an appropriate bathtub that doesn’t only take a lot of space in your bathroom, but also match with related bathroom accessories, they could make your bathroom harmonious and elegant, bring you wonderful private bath life on every single day.