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Acrylic Bathtubs in Chile

Acrylic Bathtubs in Chile

According to customs statistics of Chile, in recent years, Chile imports Chinese products is increasing entirely, these products are mechanical and electrical products, textiles, home appliances, includes bathroom products, such as acrylic bathtubs, bathroom vanities, faucets, showers, and related bathroom accessories. In 2010, the bilateral trade between China and Chile sums to $ 25.83 billion.

Chile is known for its open economy and trading, its economy is heavily dependent on foreign trade. At present, Chile has trade relations with more than 170 countries and regions in the world.

Chile government allows their companies could import cargos from all over the world, 90% companies in Chile imports different kinds of things directly. With such open policy, Chile likes Chinese acrylic bathtubs very much. Acrylic bathtubs from China are not only better quality, but also very competitive prices.

acrylic bathtubs in Chile

Producing Acrylic Bathtub for Chile Market-Acrylic Bathtub in Chile

The national territory of Chile is very small and narrow, but it is the most developed country in South America. Chile is rich of mineral, forest and aquatic resources, especially famous for its rich copper; Chile is known as“copper kingdom”.

The global economic situation keeps changing, the continuous fluctuations and rise of RMB exchange rate, our Chinese export manufacturers are facing many new challenges, we should strive to carry forward the pioneering spirit of the initiative to find new business opportunities and markets, Latin American is a new market with high growth potential and consumption rising.

The first decade of the twenty-first century witnessed the major changes of the pattern of international trade; this term is also the very important years of the foreign trade history of Latin America. Meanwhile, the economic and trade exchanges between Latin America and China was growing rapidly, the growing rate is the highest than the trade between Latin America and the rest areas of the world.

Even under the international financial crisis, the trade between Latin America and China didn’t pull down, but continued to rise. China has become Latin American second largest economic partner after the United States.

The trade between China and Chile has grown very smoothly, now, among the global trade partners, China is the biggest one.

Contractors, chain stores, retailers, distributors from Chile could import from China directly. However most of them still prefer purchase from local wholesalers or trading companies, it’s convenient and don’t need to wait for the long shipping time. If you know that you could save 50%-100%costs while buying acrylic bathtubs from GreenGoods factory directly, I am sure you’d rather prefer wait for the shipping time.

acrylic bathtubs in Chile

Loading Bathtubs to Container-Acrylic Bathtubs to Chile

There are many big ports in Chile, so, deliver the acrylic bathtubs by ship from China to Chile would be very easy. These major ports are as follows:

Antofagasta is a shipping center for minerals found in the area, and the biggest city of northern Chile on the Pacific Ocean, it is also the literature center of North part.Its population is about 185, 486.

Iquique is a port city on the northwest Chile on the Pacific Ocean south of the Peruvian border. Iquique has one of the largest duty-free commercial port centers of South America.

Valparaiso is a city of central Chile on the Pacific Ocean west-northwest of Santiago.Founded in 1536, it has frequently been subject to severe earthquakes. The modern city developed as an industrial center and the chief port of Chile in the early 20th century. Population is about 265, 355.

San Antonio is a major Chilean port (the largest in terms of freight handled, and the busiest port in the western coast of South America) and a commune in San Antonio Province, Valparaíso Region. It is the capital of the province and is the hub of the fishing area that spans the Chilean coast from Rocas de Santo Domingo to Cartagena. The city lies on hills and coastal dunes, very beautiful.

People lives in the above cities are welcomed to purchase from us directly; if not, please don’t worry. As you know, there are many ports in Chile, there must have one near your city. You just need to give us your detail address, the acrylic bathtubs will arrive at your nearest port very shortly.