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Acrylic Bathtub in Dubai

Acrylic Bathtub in Dubai

Chinese acrylic bathtubs have become increasingly prominent influence and good reputation in the world competition, more and more people watching the rise of bath industry in China especially acrylic bathtub. Chinese acrylic bathtubs in Middle East market are more competitive than bathtubs from United States and Europe is not only because of cheap prices, but also sharing good quality. These bathroom products are not only acrylic bathtubs, but also include other sanitary wares, such as toilets, ceramic tiles, bathroom cabinets, faucets, mixers, and related bathroom accessories etc.

From various exhibitions hold in Middle East, the Chinese products zone is always crowds of merchants, Chinese products are greatly favored by Middle East clients. According to Dubai customs statistics, in 2002 Dubai imported bathroom products up to 18.4 billion U.S.dollars, includes acrylic bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, faucets and showers, toilets and sinks etc.In Dubai, there are more than 500 distributors of bathroom products;they have established local showroom and warehouse over there.

According to statistics, in Middle East countries, 90% household products are dependent on imports, while in Dubai, 80% daily necessities are imported from China.Chinese products there cover full ranges of necessities, not only acrylic bathtubs, but also other daily sanitary wares.Their grades are moderate, their prices are reasonable, so, Chinese sanitary wares are very popular in the UAE market, especially in Dubai.

Chinese products in Dubai occupy most of the market, Chinese population also occupies one tenth of the Dubai’s total population. This important factor also brings the popularities of the Chinese products in Dubai market.

acrylic bathtub in Dubai

Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs) -Acrylic Bathtub in Dubai

Dubai has the world's first seven-star hotel, world's tallest building Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs), the world's largest shopping mall, the world's largest indoor ski slope, a steady stream of oil and the status of important trading port, Dubai is known as "Hong Kong of the Middle East" reputation, the UAE's financial and economic center, with its free liberal economic policies, excellent geographical location, perfect infrastructure, complete foundation establishment, Dubai becomes the transport hub and the largest cargo distribution of the Middle East very fast. About 70% of the UAE non-oil trade focused on Dubai, so accustomed to the UAE, Dubai is known as "trade capital", it is also re-center the entire Middle East region. Through Dubai, you can resell the goods to the Gulf region, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, India and Pakistan, and even around the world.

Dubai, as an important port city of the Middle East, locates in the corner of the Arabian Peninsula, it radiates up to 1.5 billion populations. In recent years, the continuous development of the construction materials industry, has also led to the bathroom industry, and the capacity of the port of Dubai ranks World No.13, re-export trade was developing in the Middle East in the past 10 years, brought the huge population rising and the tourists increasing, it drives the national coalition construction boom, the region also stimulated the demand for bathroom products, rapid economic development in neighboring countries and the war reconstruction also intensified the demanding of bath products.

acrylic bathtub in Dubai

Acrylic Bathtub in Hotel of Dubai-Acrylic Bathtub in Dubai

There are direct flights from Dubai to Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou and Kunming. From Shanghai to Dubai, it only takes 9 hours, very close and convenient.

There are two important ports in Dubai, Rashid and Jebel Ali, if you buy cargos from China; it only takes about 20 days from Shanghai port to Jebel Ali port by ocean.

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