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Bathtub Brand

Summary: Imagine lying into a quiet and comfortable bathtub, eliminating a day of work pressure gives a special soothing experience. Turn on soft music and then light a fragrant candle, sweat smell mixed with water, what a perfect enjoying. At this time, the muscle fatigue is reduced and the daily stress is cleared up immediately. I believe that every family uses at least one bathtub, the position of bathtub in life is very important; a good bathtub is not only strong but also durable, it is indeed necessary to choose a bathtub with beautiful shape and appropriate size which could match with your own bathroom style harmoniously.

Since ancient times, bath for the people is not only a life, it is actually an art. The concept of bath changes with time, its culture and the various representations of characteristics are also evolved. Especially in the modern era, the combination of bathing culture, background, design and the high technology, emerge a variety of new trends of bathroom life. The raise and development of bathtub is under the influence of these trends. Now, bathtub has been occupied a very important position in modern life. Having a comfortable bath at home after a hard day, the troubles will be out the window at once. At this time, the bath is no longer a simply clean; it has risen to the spiritual level, which is the relaxing and escaping of the interior mind. So what kind of bathtub brand is good? Here to introduce you the top brands of bathtubs for your reference.

bathtub brand

Acrylic Bathtub-Bathtub Brand

1. Kohler Bathtub

Kohler is one of the biggest and ancient family-owned company in America, it was founded in 1873 with very long time bathtub manufacturing history. Kohler began to enter China since 1930s’, few places in China are already using Kohler products then; now, Kohler has become an international brand, there are more than 10 factories, 500 regular showrooms and more than a dozen of flagship stores in China

2. Toto Bathtub

Toto was founded in 1917 in Japan; it’s another international well-known corporation. Toto’s products are very popular in the world market. Toto produces many kinds of sanitary wares and equipments; it’s the leading company among the bathroom industry.

3. American Standard Bathtub

American Standard was found in 1861, it’s the world’s leading developer and manufacturer, it’s also the international famous bath brand, American Standard's manufacturing business is very wide, its products involves a number of areas, has a very large number of product sales.

4. Roca Bathtub

Roca was founded in 1917 in Spain, it is a large multinational company, the global sales network covers 135 countries and regions, and the world’s consumer loves Roca’s products very much. Product integration of new technology, coupled with the ever-changing innovation, and constantly provides consumers with high quality, environmental-friendly products to the market.

I am sure you have heard of these well-known brands of bathtubs and know that the quality is very good. But no doubt, due to the high popularity of these brands, and the craftsmanship and the raw materials degree is relatively high, so the prices will be relatively more expensive.

As a professional bathtub manufacturer and exporter, GreenGoods is very selective of acrylic sheets, carefully manufacturing and strict inspection before export and deliver each bathtub to customers, with such serious attitude on business, you can assure that our quality is very top, and the prices are affordable.After survey the bathtub market, I am sure you will always find our bathtubs of your satisfaction.

Everyone loves his home, and loves being at home, so everyone is pleased to spend so much thought, energy and time on the layout of a home. I believe that you will pay in exchange for a warm, comfortable and beautiful home.