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Luxury Bath Pillow

Luxury Bath Pillow

You must feel very relaxing and comfortable while lying on bed and resting the head on the soft and fragrant pillow, I am sure you have a lot of sweet dreams all the quite night. Everybody needs soft pillow on bed, of course, you must need a nice soft bath pillow when soaking on the bath tub, while the warm water kiss your skin gently, breath the warm air, what a kind of luxury life!Our professional designed straight and curved bath and spa pillows are always a great way to bring you comfortable enjoyment and enhancing your bathing experience.

The gentle curves of the bath and spa pillow offer a clean and graceful design to conform to the lines of your bath tub. It has a modern or classic look that will look great on your tub for years.Covering the foam pillow is a thick, top of the line vinyl that GreenGoods has especially formulated for bath and spa pillows, extremely soft, durable, waterproof and stays warm to the touch. You could see there are replaceable suction cups at the back of the pillow.

Features of Luxury Bath Pillow:

1. The hardness of the pillow is moderate, providing good support force for head and neck.

2. Fits tubs with either a rolled top or back edge

3. Produced by high quality imported raw material and advanced processing technology

4. Great for taking a break and rest of your head, neck and back.

5. Comfort your head and neck with the replaceable suction cups.

6. Super soft recline in comfort while bathing.

7. Provides a comfortable headrest, perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day.

8. High elasticity and self-skinning that make you feel comfortable and relax.

9. Waterproof and oil resistant PU material for extra durability, easily installation.

10. Hydroxylation resistant, wear resistant and heat resistant

11. Easily clean with damped cloth, easily installation and easily maintenance.

12. Fits in all kinds of bath tubs, suitable for indoor and outdoor spa

13. Soft texture, beautiful and top grade color with versatile shape.

14. Made of high tech and soft waterproof PU material with unique technology, stable quality and novel variety.

15. With perfect appearance, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, Odor Free, No CFCs

16. Thick foam pillow covered with soft waterproof vinyl

17. The ingredient is luxury vinyl over urethane foam, the high density foam naturally fits body curves

luxury bath pillow

Luxury Bath Pillow

Installation Guide:

a. Moisten suction cup end,

b. Insert into hole on pillow back,

c. Place the pillow in the desired bath tub position, make sure be above the water line,

d. Press firmly to secure suction cup.

In just a few seconds, you could easily transform your bathroom into an excellent spa spot.Just stick the pillow into a cleaned surface of the bathtub tub, and you are ready to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience.

luxury bath pillow

Pillow Installed on Acrylic Bathtub - Luxury Bath Pillow

Color Chart:

Our pillows are available for any colors you want, such as white, green, pink, grey, black, almond etc.For color choice, please negotiate with professional staff from GreenGoods. We also welcome you provide a real color sample to GreenGoods, we are honored to produce exact to your special and personal requirement.

luxury bath pillow

Bath Pillow Color Chart - Luxury Bath Pillow

Packaging Condition:

Inside PVC bag, outside carton, they could protect the pillow very well because tears and dust to exterior of packaging, contents are unaffected.

GreenGoods Luxury Bath Pillow advantage:

1. GreenGoods luxury spa pillows are not only extremely soft; they are designed and manufactured to be durable enough to be used equally in the bath or spa.

2. GreenGoods luxury spa pillows can stand the test of time in the extreme temperature and chemical conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spa.

3. GreenGoods luxury spa pillows are exceptional top quality and comfort and put our bath and spa pillows ahead of others.

4. GreenGoods luxury spa pillows’ popularity lies in their suitability for all bath tubs.

5. GreenGoods luxury spa pillows offer the ultimate in neck support when sitting on the top edge of your bath or spa.They fit tubs with either a rolled top or back edge.

GreenGoods only provide top quality bath and spa pillows, they are made of the highest marine grade Vinyl with unique technology, and is very soft and cushy. They are designed according to human body engineering science, consist with head and neck curve perfectly and decompose pressure effectively. GreenGoods bath and spa pillows provide you warm sense of memory, they are soft, comfortable, easily installation and easily clean, furthermore, they have the function to make your blood flow smoothly and bring you healthy bathing life.