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Most Expensive Bathtub

Most Expensive Bathtub

Bathtub is a kind of ordinary commodity in our life, it is also a very common bathroom fixture at homes.We know acrylic bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, wooden bathtubs are very popular, as well as stone bathtubs.Have you ever image that the stone tub could appear in the international luxury jewellery show?

On International Jewellery Dubai

International Jewellery Dubai is the biggest jewellery showcase in the middle east with very good reputation.On Nov.18th, 2011, there appeared a very special product with a very domineering name as"Le Grand Queen".From the bathtub appearance, we can see its natural wood lines, and the amber color makes the bathtub very quite as a shy pretty woman, but her charm will not lose to other fine jewelry.

most expensive bathtub

Most Expensive Bathtub-Gemstone Bathtub-Le Grand Queen


Le Grand Queen is a very luxury bathtub and sculpted out of an extremely rare and precious hard gemstone Caijou which can only be found in the volcanic rocks from indonesia.From its shape, you can see it looks like an Indonesian"Bangka"Canoes, no other special difference from ordinary bathtubs, however, a mystery buyer who wishes to remain anonymous paid Dh6.4 million(about 1.6 million us dollars)to be its owner.The bathtub is regarded as the world's most expensive bathtub which is believed having healing properties.

Raw material

The bathtub is created and designed by Simon Krapf who comes from an austrian company. Its special gemstone named Caijou used for the bathtub was carved out of a 10-tonne piece of the precious 180 million-year-old petrified wood which is regarded as one of the rarest raw materials in the world.

Therapeutic Property

The bathtub not only has the strong efficacy of beauty, but also a very truly unique piece. Chinese and arab people traditionally believe that the stone contains therapeutic properties, furthermore, there is an ancient chinese saying that Caijou can extend people's life.They believed that the gems are accumulated more than 180 million years of energy from the earth and universe, therefore, bathing in the gemstone bathtub with curative powers can make the human body achieve the delicate balance.

Producing Procedure

Le Grand Queen as the world's expensive bathtub has its reasons: A team of about 200 people dig in the most dangerous terrain in indonesia over 600, 000 hours to retrieve the raw materials. The stonemasons and experts spent hundreds of hours painstakingly polishing and milling the gemstone to create it.

We'd rather to believe that the gemstone bathtub is indeed has the magical healing function and be worthy of the reputation as the world's most expensive bathtub.

most expensive bathtub

Most Expensive Bathtub-Gemstone Bathtub-Le Grand Queen