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Milky Bath Without Milk

Milky bath without milk? Because of micro bubble. You could enjoy the milky spa treatment at home without milk at all. Just water, the miracle water. Micro bubble is a newly innovated technology targeting deep cleansing the skin and hair. Micro bubble is a micro unit of fine bubbles, it is a breakthrough technology researched by Japanese experts 13 years ago. Micro bubble consists of water and air, the size is 10 microns or less. It has strong detergency because when these small bubbles are produced, the contact surface number of negative charge, meanwhile most of the dirt are with a positive charge and when they meet, dirt will be attracted by bubble, combined with the pressure when the bubble bursting and the natural buoyancy of air in water, the dirt can be smoothly taken away.

Due to the size of the Micro bubbles, they can get into minor places like pores to do deep cleaning. The general size of the pores is about 20 to 50 microns, size of those ones large enough to be seen by eyes is between 100-200 microns. Pores filled with dirt and grease could reach up to 400 microns. Therefore micro bubbles can easily enter it and by using the mutual attraction of the positive and negative charge, the dirt will be removed and the pores could keep clean.

By bathing in the soft tubs with micro bubble milk bath, your skin and hair will remain moisturized because of the natural balancing power of water. The body oil on the skin’s surface will be controlled. The micro bubble oxygenates the skin and further removes excess oil, dirt, and odors without shampoos or chemicals involved. Milky bath is not only a great way to maintain healthy skin and hair but also relieves the symptoms of skin irritations, muscle and joint pain.

milky bath without milk