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How to Make an Acrylic Bathtub

How to Make an Acrylic Bathtub

How to made a bathtub? Acrylic bathtub manufacturing process can be divided into the following: acrylic sheet thermoforming, resin enhancing, edge cutting, punching, grinding, bracket assembling, plumbing parts assembling, accessories assembling (includes:seat, pillow, armrest etc.), packing etc.

acrylic bathtub

1. Raw material

It has different thickness (2-5mm) and different colors to choose. The two kinds of materials are acrylic and ABS composite sheet. Their wear resistance is equivalent to aluminum, easy cleaning with excellent surface finish.

2. Mold

The new models of different kinds of bathtubs appear very quickly in the current environment. One of the most commonly thermoforming molds is resin mold, which is low cost with short procession cycle. It is also the widely used mold recently.

3. Vacuum Forming

First, heat the cut acrylic sheet to soften, then pressed on the mold, sealed in the mold under the conditions by vacuum suction, the acrylic sheet is tensile, deformed and adsorbed in the mold wall. Second, start the cooling fan, the sheet is harden and formed.Third, turn off the vacuum, charge into appropriate air, and then stripped mechanically. At last pick up the product.

acrylic bathtub

4. Resin Enhancing

Reinforced the bottom of the formed tub by layering epoxy resin and fiber glass, after a certain time, the finished tub become solid and united with sufficient strengthen.

5. Edge cutting

After reinforced, the tub became solidity, then it is time to start edge cutting.

6. Punching

Punching the necessary holes depending on different kinds of bathtubs and other sanitary wares.

acrylic bathtub

7. Grinding

In order to prevent water leakage on the installation holes, the backside of the bathtubs or shower pans should be grinded a ring installation plane, avoid leakage after all the accessories are installed.

8. Bracket

The materials of brackets are like solid wood, plastic, steel etc, while the most popular one is stainless steel square tube. The quality of the bracket usually determines the life span of the acrylic bathtubs, and even affects the safe of the bather. Therefore, the bracket of the bathtubs must be very strong and stable.

9. Assembling

Water proof is a must while installing the plumbing parts and electrical accessories, in order to ensure safety.

10. Packing

Adopt different kinds of packaging according to different kinds of bathtubs to ensure products safety during the transportation, avoiding any loss and damage.

How to make a bathtub shows you the detail steps of our acrylic bathtub manufacturing process, custom made bathtubs orders from retailers, wholesalers and distributors, contractors around the world are always welcome.