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How to Install a Shower Base

How to Install a Shower Base

How to Install a Shower Base? Acturally shower pan installation is an easy task if you already have an existing drain pipe installed in your bathroom floor. If not, you just need to hire a plumbing contractor to lay the pipe before you can install a new shower base. You may also need an assistant to help you move the acrylic shower base and place in onto the floor. If you are just remodeling your bathroom or replacing a new one, just follow the simple steps as follows:

1. At first, take enough time to mix up a batch of mortar in order to add stability to the acrylic shower base after it is well installed.

2. Make sure that the subfloor under the new acrylic shower base is perfectly level. If the floor is not even, pour a 2 inch layer of mortat on the subfloor and let it dry overnight.

3. Re-check the surface by a 4-foot level until the subfllor is completely level. If there are uneven places, nail down thin wood shims with small concrete nails to level it out.

4. Gently lift the acrylic shower base onto the floor. Bore pilot holes in the shower base in advance, then attach the shower base to the shower studs with galvanized screws by a screw gun.

5. Assemble the drain pipe to the drain hole of acrylic shower base, use the drain tool to tighten the drain cover.

Tips & warmings:

  • Prepare tools: level, mortar, drain cover, drain tool, wood shims, galvanized screws and screw gun.
  • Clean all tools and the surrounding area where to install the new acrylic shower base.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands before installation.
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