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Walk In Bathtubs Caring for Seniors

Walk In Bathtubs Caring for Seniors

Responding to the world rapidly aging population, the World Health Organization launch a global initiative of caring for the elderly. In almost every corner of the world, a increasingly aging population is spreading. It is estimated that there are more than 2 billion elders at least 60 years old in the year of 2050, 80% of them live in low and middle-income countries.

Every year of Oct. 1st is determined as the International Day for the Elderly. In addition, different countries around the world also set a special date for their own elderly festival, such as:

Singapore Grandparents' Day, the fourth Sunday of November

England Elderly Day, March 5th

Egypt Elderly Day, The last Sunday of March

India Elderly Day, April 7th

Thailand Elderly Day, May 5th

Korea Elderly Day, May 6th

South Korea Elderly Day, May 8th

Canada Elderly Day, June 21st

Vietnam Elderly Day, August 8th

America, National Grandparents Day, the first Sunday after Labor day of September

Japan, Respect for the Aged Day, September 15th

Chile, De del Descubrimiento de dos Mundos, Oct.15th

France Elderly Day, the last week of October

Belgium shares the longest elderly festival, from November 9th to 16th, lasts for 8 days.

Hungry Elderly Day, November 11th

Russia Elderly Day, Dec.7th

In China, the elderly Festival also called Chung Yeung Festival is on September 9th of Chinese lunar calendar. China is gradually on the way of aging society, according to the newest survey, the elderly population aged over 60 has more than 127 million, there are more than 20 million over the age of 70 years old.

Caring for the elderly is not just a slogan, it should be implemented in the daily life.Not only the governments and the families should carefully take care of elderly people, but also the Builders, Contractors, Designers and the Manufacturers need to continue inventing and creating the special products suitable for the elderly to facilitate their daily life. Sanitary Ware industry also follows the changes of the time, starts to produce functional sanitary ware products to meet the world demand, such as handicapped toilet, walk in bathtub etc. Although aging market does not fully mature, it will defiantly lead to another bathroom market trend.

It is worth mentioning that some builders have begun to provide services of housing which are perfectly brought convenience to elderly people. Such as elevator bathroom wall hung vanity. At home, the floors are anti-slipped, make the wires dark line or wireless, in order to prevent the elderly people slipping or tripping.

There are bathtub factories around the world to produce a variety of styles wall in bathtubs with various functions which are totally suitable for elderly. The safety bathtub design concept is completely meet the needs of elderly, they could step into the bathtub without crossing the bathtub skirt, there are built-in handrails and anti-slip dots, all these functionality can protect the elderly very well. Toto brought a kind of toilet with warm keeping cover which can prevent cold to the elderly.

The elderly has a great decisive influence on the bathroom industry, it is a big demanding market. The aging product is not only a single commodity, it reflect the designer and the social caring of them.

With the safety sanitary wares and other aging products, May the elderly people from all over the world can be healthily and happily through their every single day.

Walk In Bathtubs Caring for Seniors

Walk In Bathtubs Caring for Seniors