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The demanding of bathtub in the world market is very huge, with the growing of bath technology and continuous upgrading of production facilities, bathtub in style and function are changing with times, and so, there are a large number of bathtub fans on the market. Professionals clearly know that the bathtub equipment investment is not expensive, the production technology is not complicated, and so many small factories could produce bathtubs too. However, only those who regard quality as the life of plant could produce really good quality bathtubs. At present, Foshan city of Guangdong province and Xiaoshan city of Zhejiang province are the two most important production bases of Chinese bathroom products. According to statistics, China bathtub production has reached more than 100 million pieces, and still continues to increase. Here we would like to sort out China bathtub production technology and production area to show the world consumers that the bathtub development treads in China.

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As Foshan suppliers supporting industries are more developed, so the same acrylic sheet, Foshan is much cheaper than the rest parts of China. Foshan producers invest huge money on product development and brand promotion, their ex-work prices are growing up leading to the terminal retail prices are very expensive.

Production equipment is simple: from the appearance, bathtub is bulky than other sanitary wares, a lot of customers guess the bathtub technology must be complicated. As a matter of fact, because of differences on materials, the bathtub can be made without burning, it’s producing is relatively easier than ceramic products. That’s the reason that small factories could produce bathtub and the low quality brings to end-users and brings the worries at the same time.

At present, bathtub production areas are mainly located at Foshan of Guangdong and Xiaoshan of Zhejiang. While the bath tub industry staff generally believes that Foshan bathtub is the best quality of the whole domestic bath tub industry. But other bathtub areas also continue to follow up; the impact to Foshan is more and more intense.

According to statistics, there are more than 3000 large and small bathroom factories locate in Foshan, their materials are usually acrylic sheets, and own brands of themselves.The bathtub styles have more than dozens, range from simple bathtub to multifunctional massage bathtub. Only Foshan produce bathtubs in Guangdong province, chaozhou is the sanitary ware base, but they don’t produce bathtub. Since Foshan bathtub industry has long time, all aspects of industry chain are complete, such as mold, machinery, raw materials, ingredients develop very quickly which promote the bathtub developing in Foshan very rapidly. In the meanwhile, Foshan producers pay much attention on quality and brand, with the same style and function, bathtub from Foshan must be 30 to 50%higher on the market.

On August 30th, Foshan Custom publish article as Guangdong Ceramic Products Exporting Continues To Grow Steadily shows Foshan ceramic and bathroom products export $ 1.47 billion, increase 21.1% than last year, occupies 47.1% total value of Guangdong province ceramic and bathroom products.

Xiaoshan is another famous sanitary ware production base. Xiaoshan Sanitary ware area is gradually replacing the position of Foshan as the center of Chinese bathroom industry. Zhejiang is a well-known bathroom products province with products as bathroom furniture, bathtub, shower enclosure, bathroom mirror and relatively bathroom accessories. The production capability is already exceed Guangdong. However, due to the historical reason, Xiaoshan bathroom is not very good reputation which is very inappropriate of its influence and position in the entire industry. At present, Xiaoshan producers in brand, marketing, channels and reputation are not very well. As statistics, there are about more than 1000 bath tub factories, they usually use ABS sheet, compared with acrylic sheet, it has good toughness, but transparent ABS sheet is very expensive and not all the factories use expensive transparent ABS sheet to produce their bathtubs. Compared with Foshan bathtub, Xiaoshan bath tub quality and function still has a great gap.

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Currently, Xuancheng is becoming the bath tub leader of the domestic bathroom industry. The present bath tubs capability is very enormous.There are more than 50 million bathroom products from Xuancheng to the world market. Bathtub as an important sanitary ware product has been gotten great concern of the local government. Although Xuancheng hasn’t the good geographical advantage as Foshan and Xiaoshan, since the factories start, we aim at the world market and only produce high quality bathtubs; we ensure more and more clients from all over the world must like our bathtub which has high quality as well as competitive prices. Since now, we export our bath tubs to over 40 countries and regions of the world. GreenGoods bath factory occupies 155000 square meters of working plant, as a very big professional chinese bathtub manufacturer, we always provide all of our clients top quality bath tubs.