Soaking Tub

Soak Tub | Acrylic Soaking Tub

Model Soaking Tub - 8022, Soak Tub | Acrylic Soaking Tub

soak tub, acrylic soaking tub


Length x Width x Height

1650 x 750 x 460 mm ( 65" x 29.5" x 18" )


A soak tub is deeper, allowing the bather to more fully submerge the body. More deep bathtub, more thicker acrylic sheet be manufactured, so an acrylic soaking tub is generally much more expensive than standard depth bathtub. Like most tub, a soak tub is equipped with drain at the bottom through which the used bath water can exit. Soak tub has been used for relaxation, cleansing and enjoying the natural healing properties of warm water for centuries. The soaking experience can be effective while the shape and contours of the acrylic soaking tub support the body comfortably.

We usually think a soak tub is a kind of bathtub that is usually deeper and a bit shorter than most traditional bathtub. The purpose behind the depth of the tub is the ability to easily soak the entire body in water. Most soaking tubs are not designed to allow bathers to lie down as in standard bathtubs. Instead, they are designed so that bathers can lounge comfortably while soaking in the water. However, acrylic soaking tub from GreenGoods bath factory will not sacrifice the length of the tub, you can indulge in a wonderful warm water soak in any of our acrylic soaking tubs and lie down as in standard bathtubs at the same time.

· Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement

· Cast - acrylic construction provides years of durability

· Comfortable inclined backrest and head support

· Pre-leveled tub bottom

· Drop-in installation or undermount installation

· it is available with and without apron

· Optional integral tile flanges for alcove installation

· Available in 4 different deck profiles

· Optional removable acrylic skirt

· Dual molded-in armrests

· Reversible drain outlet

· 3 Side molded inegral flange tub standard

· Slip - resistant surface

· Waterproof pillow for added comfort

· Rectangle tub shape

· Outstanding protection – Ten Year Warranty