Soft Tub

Undermount Soft Tub | 59 Inch | 1500 mm

Model SB-904, Undermount Soft Tub | 59 Inch | 1500 mm

soft tub 904


Length x Width x Height

1500 x 800 x 580 mm

59" x 31.5" x 23"


The dimension of the undermount soft tub is 1500 x 800 x 580 mm ( 59" x 31.5" x 23" ). The undermount soft tub is 580mm or 23 inch deep, while standard acrylic undermount bathtub is only 400mm or 15.8" depth. The undermount soft tub has a finished rim and is designed to drop into a deck, it is supported from below and has a self-rimming edge designed to sit over a frame topped with a water-resistant material. The drain is in the middle of the soft tub with a overflow plug, the faucet could be installed on the deck to make the cleaning of the soft bathtub much more easily. The undermount soft tub brings you soft, warm and safe bathing experience.

· The most high-tech bathtub which catches the huge attention from all over the world

· Dependable soft new material construction for pleasant feeling and durability

· Feel very comfortable while lie down in the soft tub which can be pressed by fingers

. Excellent gloss preservation and superior antibacterial performance

. The color can keep against soap and shampoo forever

. Complete non-slippery tub that is very safety for adults, babies, childern and elders

. Soft tub can absorb shock in order to prevent accidents and damages

· Superior heat preservation while soaking in the soft tub

· Soft and warmer to the touch and more comfortable than traditional bathtubs

· Several kinds of resin skirts are availabe

· Outstanding protection: Ten Year Warranty

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