Shower Pan

America White Freestanding Feet Support Solid Tray Shower Pan

Model Shower-3001B, America White Freestanding Feet Support Solid Tray Shower Pan

Easy Plumb Shower Tray, Easy Plumb Shower Trays


Length x Width x Height

813 x 813 x 70 mm ( 32" x 32" x 2.75" )

915 x 915 x 70 mm ( 36" x 36" x 2.75" )

965 x 965 x 70 mm ( 38" x 38" x 2.75" )

1016 x 1016 x 70 mm ( 40" x 40" x 2.75" )


Easy plumb shower tray has room for the trap underneath with front or side panel, easy plumb shower trays have adjustable legs that allow the trays to be adjusted in favoured height even the floor is uneven. Easy plumb shower tray eases to installation and saves cost of installation. GreenGoods manufacture a wide range of easy plumb shower trays with popular shapes and sizes. GreenGoods ensure you the structural integrity of every easy plumb shower tray throughout years of use.

· Five shapes are availalbe: square, rectangular, quadrant, neo angle pentagon and offset quadrant

· Textured bottom for slip resistance

· PVC shower drain with stainless steel drain plate

· Easy panel access for waste plumbing and maintenance

· Integral base board allows adjustable feet to be fitted anywhere

· Unique design of the easy plumb kit allows quick adjustment after settlement

· Molded-in flood guard

· Available in a range of sizes and a wide variety of colors

· Center drain or end drain for different models

· At least 20% thicker and stronger than other makers

· Surface is extremely scratch and stain resistant

· Non-porous surface makes cleaning and sanitizing easier and faster

· Single and multiple-threshold models available

· Multiple-threshold models are low profile for easy access and clean appearance

· Quality tested and certified by the ISO9001:9002

· 10-year consumer and 3-year commercial limited warranty


Freestanding White Feet Support Solid Shower Tray

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