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Bespoke Shower Trays | Bespoke Shower Tray

Model Shower-033, Bespoke Shower Trays | Bespoke Shower Tray

Bespoke Shower Trays, Bespoke Shower Tray


Length x Width x Height

900 x 900 x 140 mm ( 36" x 36" x 5.5" )


GreenGoods are supplier of bespoke shower trays that are custom made to specific size requirements. We manufacturer the bespoke shower tray to exact shape and space required in several shower tray color choice. GreenGoods extensive range of bespoke shower trays offers an assortment of tray shapes, sizes and drain location, providing solutions for new construction and remodeling situations alike. Uncomplicated styling allows them to integrate beautifully with surround materials such as granite, marble, and tile, while their functional design prevents water transfer and slipping. They offer clean contemporary design, unsurpassed quality and extreme durability.

· High-gloss acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement

· Square, rectangular, quadrant, pentagon or offset quadrant shapes are available

· Textured bottom for slip resistance

· Integral seat could be made

· PVC shower drain with stainless steel drain plate

· Integral self-leveling base system offers superior structural integrity and easy installation

· Molded-in flood guard

· Available in a range of sizes and a wide variety of colors

· Center drain or end drain for different models

· At least 20% thicker and stronger than other makers

· Surface is extremely scratch and stain resistant

· Non-porous surface makes cleaning and sanitizing easier and faster

· Single and multiple-threshold models available

· Multiple-threshold models are low profile for easy access and clean appearance

· Quality tested and certified by the ISO9001:9002

· 10-year consumer and 3-year commercial limited warranty

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Bespoke Shower Trays, Bespoke Shower Tray

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