Freestanding Bathtub

Trapezoidal Bathtub

Model Freestanding-41, Trapezoidal Bathtub

trapezoidal bathtub


Length x Width x Height

1500 x 900 x 600 x 600mm (59" x 35.4 " x 23.6 x 23.6")


· Contemporary freestanding soaking tub

· Dependable acrylic construction for strength and longevity

· Tub is ease of handling and installation

· Featuring a graceful trapezoidal shape

· Drain included

· Much deeper tub than standard tubs for full immersion

· Warmer to the touch and more comfortable than traditional enamel or steel tubs

· Tub has built-in adjustable base for accurate leveling and stability

· Tub is available with or without overflow drilled

· Tub is featured sloping backrests on each end

· Faucet not included, it is sold separately

· Available without faucet holes for use with a freestanding faucet or wall mounted faucet

· Outstanding protection: Ten Year Warranty

free standing tub pohots

trapezoidal bathtub

arrow1. Trapezoidal bathtub from side view

trapezoidal bathtub

arrow2. Trapezoidal bathtub from front view

trapezoidal bathtub

arrow3. Trapezoidal bathtub from top view

trapezoidal bathtub

arrow4. Trapezoidal bathtub specification sheet

free standing tub is packed in carton box waiting for delivery

arrow 5. Free standing tub is packed in carton box waiting for delivery