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Double Slipper Freestanding Tubs

Model Freestanding-83A, Double Slipper Freestanding Tubs

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Length x Width x Height

1800 x 800 x 660 mm

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Acrylic Seamless Freestanding Tub

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Hot Sale Japanese 1800X800x660mm Soak Resin Bathtub

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Double slipper freestanding tub displays in the showroom

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Custom Size Indoor Bathroom Freestanding Bathtub

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A double slipper freestanding bath offers the most elegant profile with two raised backrests. Designed for two, these double slipper freestanding tubs are offer a center drain and two slopping backrests. This dual slipper bath tub is a perfect fit for a bathroom. Double Slipper freestanding Tubs are very roomy and help to create an amazing look to bathroom. With two high-back ends, these beautiful works-of-art are not only elegant, but are also very affordable. Double slipper freestanding tubs offer you the most-luxurious bathing experience of all. Each tub is quite spacious, comfortably enough area for two, and also has a raised back at both ends of the tub which enables you to lay back and relax as you enjoy unparalleled soaking pleasure. The double slipper freestanding tub is one of the most glamorous looking of all the tubs. It exudes prestige and sophistication. Picture a double slipper freestanding tubs full of opalescent white bubbly bubbles, a side table with lighted aromatic candle lights, sparkling wine, you and your favorite music. What a vision! The double slipper freestanding bathtub is a spacious tub that you will have hours of leisure bathing in. Dual slipper bathtubs have more area than any other variety of bath tub. One of the charming things about this model is the neck and head support you receive with these bath tubs. If you decide to have a faucet installed on the bathtub, the style requires that it be positioned in the middle of the bath tub on the rim, or deck, of the bath tub.

·Striking upscale double ended slipper tub styling

·Ergonomic design forms to the body's shape for ultimate comfort

·The spacious inner part is designed for one or two person bathing

·Manufactured from durable high quality sanitary grade acrylic

·Dependable acrylic construction for strength and longevity

·non-porous surface for easy cleaning and sanitizing

·Premium acrylic and tub thickness provides for excellent heat retention

·Tub is ease of handling and installation

·Deeper tub than standard tubs for full immersion

·Warmer to the touch and more comfortable than traditional enamel or steel tubs

·Chrome plated Center drain

·Flexible drainpipe is included

·Bath has no pre-drilled holes to give the choice of wall mounted or freestanding taps

·Outstanding protection: Ten Year Warranty