Freestanding Bathtub

2 Person Freestanding 1.4m Bathtub

Model Freestanding-20B, 2 Person Freestanding 1.4m Bathtub

oval freestanding bathtub


Length x Width x Height

1700 x 800 x 710 mm (66.9" x 31.5 " x 28")

free standing tub pohots

Freestanding slipper tub

arrow 1. Freestanding slipper tub with freestanding tub faucet

Freestanding slipper tub

arrow 2. Freestanding slipper tub side view with faucet

Freestanding slipper tub

arrow 3. Freestanding slipper tub front view with faucet

Freestanding Slipper Tub

arrow 4. Freestanding slipper tub top view

freestanding tub is packed in carton box waiting for delivery

arrow 5. Freestanding tub is packed in carton box waiting for delivery


The freestanding slipper tub is available in a range of sizes measuring from 1400mm long up to 1700mm, we’ll have a size to suit every room. The freestanding slipper tub has one end of the tub raised with a reclining back. This makes it possible for one to relax as they bathe. This position takes any tension off of the back and the neck. The freestanding slipper tub is a spacious acrylic slipper tub that you will have hours of leisure bathing in. As one of the most romantic and tranquil acrylic tub supplied on the marketplace today, the freestanding slipper tub offers a dimension of bath tub that satisfies everyone that experiences its romantic comforts, all while enhancing the style and elegance of any kind of bath area layout. The amazing sweeping lines of this contemporary freestanding slipper tub are graceful and notable. This freestanding slipper tub is crafted from durable acrylic material for long-lasting durability. This freestanding slipper tub with high backrest allows you in at the end of a long day for a long, luxurious bath. Made of acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass, this stain-resistant and fade-resistant modern freestanding slipper tub may be used with a wall or freestanding faucet.

·Slipper tub with high backrest

·Dependable acrylic construction for strength and longevity

·Tub is ease of handling and installation

·Featuring a graceful oval shape with anti-slip surface

·non-porous surface for easy cleaning and sanitizing

·Much deeper tub than standard tubs for full immersion

·Warmer to the touch and more comfortable than traditional enamel or steel tubs

·Tub has built-in adjustable base for accurate leveling and stability

·Tub is featured sloping backrests on the end

·Includes pre-installed drain

·Tub requires free-standing faucet or faucet mounted to an adjacent bathroom wall

·Constructed from 100% non-porous, sanitary-grade, heat-retentive acrylic

·Outstanding protection: Ten Year Warranty