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Cleaning Acrylic Bathtub

Cleaning Acrylic Bathtub

Cleaning an acrylic bathtub is not difficult, and you needn't to invest any special products. Acrylic bathtub is designed to be particularly resistant to scratches, however, you still should take care while cleaning and use a sponge or cloth instead of something harsh like a scouring pad. How often you should clean your acrylic bathtub largely depends on how often it is used. In most cases, once a week is enough to keep it clean and stay its shine. Following these steps for cleaning an acrylic bathtub properly can keep it for many years to come.

Step one - preparation

Remove all things away your acrylic bathtub such as shampoo and soap, wiping off the bottoms to remove any soap scum. Prepare a sponge or soft cloth, place them in a sink with warm water, add some shampoo or dish detergent. Take the bathtub mat out if you have one.

Step two - cleaning bathtub inside

In order to clean the inside of your acrylic bathtub, fill the bathtub with roughly 1 inch of warm water, add 3 or 4 squirts of dish detergent or hand soap liquid. Keep them in bathtub for 30 minutes. Let the bathtub drain and use your sponge or wet cloth to wipe away residue.

If you notice that you still have some stains that did not remove during the soak, pour some baking soda on the sponge and rub gently in a circular motion. The stains will disappear while you rub a couple of times.

Step three - cleaning bathtub outside

There may have some stains from bubble bath or shampoo which stay on the rim of the acrylic bathtub. Use the sponge with baking soda to remove them. Rinse well. Now wipe down the entire outside of bathtub by wet sponge with dish detergent. Then, scrub the bathtub around, the wall and the corner by a used toothbrush. If there is built up soap scum, spray with all-purpose cleaner to loosen it. Rinse again and dry with a clean cloth.

Step four- cleaning caulked areas

Clean the caulked areas of the acrylic bathtub by a mixture of vinegar and water to prevent mildew and debris. Leave the straight bleach mixed with water on the dried caulked areas for a night is another way to clean the dirts over there. You'd better wear gloves while applying bleach and leave the windows open to release the fumes.

Step five-cleaning tap or faucet

At last, don't forget to clean your bathtub tap or faucet.Soap scum can often build up there while bathing. Slightly wipe by wed sponge or soft cloth. Once you have finished you can turn on the water and wipe everything down using a new clean cloth.


1. Never use abrasive or harsh soap to clean the acrylic bathtub because it could damage or scratch your acrylic bathtub surface.

2. Never use cleaning products that contain acetone which could ultimately dull the acrylic finish, these chemicals will destroy the acrylic surface and there is no way to reverse the damage caused by this type of chemical reaction.

3. Never leave metal objects into the acrylic bathtub which can cause the bathtub rust and dirt the surface.

As you can see, acrylic bathtub is very easy to keep clean.You just need to take special care and use the right cleaning solution. As long as you obey the above DO NOT rules, there is no risk of damaging the bathtub. Follow the above correct cleaning ways will have your acrylic bathtub looking new as it is just installed.

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