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Big & Extra Large Freestanding Bath Tubs

For thousands of years, many cultures have enjoyed a hot and long soak as a way to relieve common aches, pains and ailments. A soak in hot water delates blood vessels and raises heart rate, which increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure. This in turn speeds up the removal of toxins, reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles. A relaxing bath, especially with the addition of aromatic oils of herbs, 15 minutes before bedtime, can float away stress and anxiety and help a good night’s sleep.

GreenGoods newly developed extra large, extra long, and extra deep freestanding bathtub brings you such enjoyment. The exquisitely designed tub is made of 8mm thick sanitary grade precision acrylic that also ensures its durability. We believe this to be the largest free-standing bathtub in the world. This bath has excellent shoulder room and superb depth for those who want a truly indulgent soak in their bathroom. It is much deeper than standard tubs for full immersion and ideal for sportsmen and businessmen for complete and ultimate soaking, stretching and relaxing. With an overall length of 2000mm, a width well over 1000mm, this is the largest tub we just developed on May of 2013. The luxury free-standing bathtub is built with timeless classic styling and is extremely comfortable to enhance the bathing experience. The center drain accommodates two person bathing comfortably, The big and large bath tub deserves to be a great centerpiece for any luxury and huge bathroom.

The beautiful, exclusive and extra large freestanding tub has been chosen by rich peoples internationally. Our tubs are also featured in state-of-the-art design showrooms, superlative resorts, private residences and premier hotels throughout the world. The stunning extra large freestanding bath is 2000(w) X 1000(d) X 660(h)mm and comes with a pair of top quality brass handrails. It is the perfect option for anyone who needs a contemporary-looking freestanding bath. At 2000(w) x 1000(d) x 660(h)mm, this bath has a 398 litre capacity and was created with deep soaking. Whether you plan to use freestanding taps or deck mounted faucets, this tub will support them. The most important is the huge freestanding bath comes with a lifetime guarantee, which give peace of mind to anyone who owns it.

Big and Extra Large Freestanding Bath Tubs

The extra large freestanding tub fits for a king!

Big and Extra Large Freestanding Bath Tubs

Handmade by skilled craftsman, this newly developed large tub has a 398 litre capacity.

Big and Extra Large Freestanding Bath Tubs

The extra large and big bath is suited to both deck mounted or free standing fillers.

Big and Extra Large Freestanding Bath Tubs

The large freestanding bath is finished in superior white high gloss.